Spin welding



The MCRI 4 welding device has the most complete control, analysis and management features on the market.


It can assemble parts with a diameter of 6 to 40 mm.

This spin welding device ensures precision, tight sealing and high mechanical resistance in technopolymer assembly. With a prismatic column, this machine offers various possibilities for production line integration.


  • Precise indexing with programming or self-learning.
  • Simple and intuitive programming.
  • Droop curve displayed on a backlit LCD screen.
  • Pressure profile control for each program with a proportional valve.
  • Up to 20 welding programs can be saved with instant recall of all parameters (infinite storage with a PC connection).
  • Three conventional welding modes to meet the needs of all applications.
  • Rigorous production control displaying 5 parameter levels after each welding cycle (approach speed, time, elevation, droop, power).
  • Complete production traceability by printing or saving all results on a PC in a Windows environment (MECAWIN-R).
  • The “INFO” window on the MCRI 4 provides the number of revolutions by the motor after each weld for the acceleration, welding and deceleration phases as well as a total.


  • Automotive sector
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical
  • Leisure
  • Packaging
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