After-Sales Service

Our team of technicians is at your service for equipment start-ups, technical assistance, questions, repairs…

Real specialists in our welding technologies, our technicians can help with mechanical, electric, electronic and programming issues as well as with tools.

The members of our team can go wherever you are in the world and, if necessary, work side-by-side with our local organizations in your country.


Speed, effectiveness and professionalism are the terms that best define this department, which will always be keen to respond as quickly as possible.


Have you got a project that’s so specific no other standard offer out there meets your needs?

We’ve got your solution! Call one of our sales reps and they’ll analyse your needs with you and help you create your own unique equipment. In fact, Mecasonic has been accompanying its customers for more than 50 years through the development of their new projects. No matter how specific they may be, we always find just the right answer.

Testing laboratory

When it comes to plastics, there are all sorts of assembly solutions.

Precisely because we aim to offer the best technical response to your projects, preliminary testing is a must.
A whole team with resources is fully dedicated to ensuring the highest of availability for complete and rapid testing.


With hundreds of tools, an immense library of solutions and doing all the assembly work themselves, our testing laboratory can make the best use of our more than 50 years of know-how.


In collaboration with you, they will conduct all the tests required to validate the techniques and resources to be implemented to process your application.


Equipped with a complete line of machines, they will perform the tests as similar as possible to your manufacturing conditions so you can find the welding solution that best adapts to your production requirements.

Research and Development

Our Research & Development Department is a key part of our organization. They are the precursors of all our new products meant to meet our customers’ future needs. This state of mind is what makes us proud to be a member of the Industry of the Future Alliance. Recognized as suppliers of industry 4.0 solutions, we’re also stakeholders committed to the future 4th industrial revolution.


Our R&D team is immersed in many different missions. Besides working on innovative welding solutions, they coordinate all phases from the research laboratory to production. They also provide daily support to the company’s different departments in order to fine tune all the most delicate applications which build our reputation.


Mecasonic offers training materials for our welding machines for all of our technologies.

They allow everyone and, especially, the future users of our machines to understand all the detailed assembly procedures. Such in-depth knowledge makes it possible to optimize them for reliable and sustainable production.

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