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Welding techniques

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Infrared or very high temperature welding

Mecasonic's patented focused infrared welding technique pushes back the limits of hot-plate welding by focusing heat only on the weld seam.
This technique is ideal for very delicate parts which must be shielded from contact with the heating tool to prevent them from becoming dirty or contaminated.

Welding at very high temperatures (up to 700°C) is used for materials such as polyamide.
These techniques (THC and infrared) are used for contactless welding of polycarbonate.
The benefits for you:
- As much as 10 times more energy efficient than conventional systems,
- Zero colour alteration,
- Controlled energy supply,
- Contact not necessary, thus no problems of external pollution or sticking material,
- Zero stress exerted on parts,
- No fibre reorientation,
- Faster rates,
- Electronic control ensure stable source temperatures.

  • High Temperature
  • This technique is recommended for assembling thermoplastics and required for polymers with high melting points. As no surface treatment is required for the heating tool, machine times are lower and the heating units are protected from fouling. The maximum temperature is 450°C.
  • Low Temperature
  • As the maximum hot plate temperature is 250°C, this welding technique is perfect for polyolefins with or without filler (PE, PP, etc).


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