Our welding solutions for cosmetics

The elegant solution for high-quality assembly: Mecasonic welding

Cosmetics content

Our ultrasonic and rotation technologies are quite often used in cosmetics to achieve top-quality welds on highly aesthetic parts. We also offer standard machines equipped with polyethylene film rollers to protect your parts.

Rotation technology is often chosen to assemble cosmetic tubes (mascara, gloss, lipstick…) to get parts with a weld that adapts to those circular shapes.

Cosmetics content

Packaging for eye shadows, containers for moisturizers, wrapping for perfume bottles, mascaras and other tubes with lip gloss or lipstick; the entire cosmetics world uses Mecasonic welding machines on a daily basis.

Our ultrasonic and rotation technologies are quite often used in this sector of business to achieve top-quality welds on parts that must have an impeccable look. To all beauty industry experts: trust in the plastic welding experts, Mecasonic.

Nos technologies par ultrasons et par rotation sont très utilisées dans ce secteur d’activité afin d’obtenir des soudures de grande qualité sur des pièces dont l’aspect visuel doit être irréprochable. A tous les experts de l’industrie de la beauté : faites confiance au experts de la soudure thermoplastique, Mecasonic.

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