Our welding solutions for electronics

The high-precision welds on everything from your screens and telephone covers to toner cartridges have Mecasonic fingerprints.

Ultrasonic hot air or thermal welded-console

Ultrasonic technology adapts perfectly to assembling PMMA or PC windows on parts like blue card readers and more… We can also use this technology to punch or rivet printed circuit boards without any damage.
Depending on the application, we can also use hot air for punching on vibration-sensitive parts.

The welding machines are compact and can be perfectly integrated. The quality of our tools will allow you to meet all your customers’ demands. We can also suggest quick tooling dismantling solutions to smoothly move from one application to another.

Miscellaneous ultrasonic-welded electronics components

The precision and configuration of Mecasonic machines make it possible to weld very specific spots with optimal weld quality. Our welding devices will guarantee perfect work that’s effective and long-lasting. Whatever your project may be, talk to a Mecasonic sales rep who will be able to help you define your needs and come up with the ideal solutions for implementation.

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