Our welding solutions for the automobile industry

Bumpers, taillights, dashboards, parts under the hood or even inside the doors: there are all sorts of components to be welded in a vehicle. That’s why you should rely on Mecasonic experience and welding technologies.

Ultrasonic-welded automobile lights

Ultrasonic welding technology is commonly used in the automotive sector to assemble external lights on vehicles: the third brake light, reflectors, plate lighting, blinkers; as well as for interior lighting: ceiling lights, doors, etc. This assembly process is also frequently used for the front or rear lighting of 2 wheels!

Using ultrasonic technology gets high-quality tightly-sealed welds for large-sized parts without adding any materials.

Hot air welded automotive components

We use the hot air welding process for vibration-sensitive applications. Punching, or pin riveting, can be used to assemble parts in incompatible materials including fragile components such as airbag parts, electronic components and aesthetic parts.

Our standard or adapted machine line allows us to meet all your demands. Hot air punching and riveting combined with cold-forming lead to a high-quality assembly.

Notre gamme de machine standard ou adaptée nous permet de répondre à toutes vos demandes. Avec un bouterollage et rivetage par air chaud combiné avec un formage à froid, vous obtenez ainsi un assemblage de grande qualité.

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