Our welding solutions for non-ferrous metals

Strips, splices, connectors, motor armatures, solar collectors, superconducting connections, battery cells, tab-to-cell, busbar, compacting: so many applications in which Mecasonic ultrasonic welding can work wonders.

Aluminium, Copper, Brass

Ultrasonic welding technology is used to assembly non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminium and brass. We can do static and continuous welds.

Our compact and very rigid machines can be perfectly integrated into automatic lines and enable immense weld reproducibility without any additional materials. We also obtain perfect electrical conductivity with ultrasonic welding.

Non ferrous metals

Use ultrasonic welding for your aluminium, copper and brass parts with Mecasonic high-performance technology and know-how.

The action of a vibration, which has an ultrasonic frequency, and the pressing force cause intense friction which welds two parts together by inertia.

A very rigid mechanical assembly to ensure weld precision and quality. This feature has been specially studied to be able to easily implement it in an automatic production line. Weld head rotation adjustment. Optional proportional electrovalve and printer. The press is installed on a column with a ball bearing cage guide (play and friction-free).

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