Our welding solutions for medical devices

Sterile assembly, high productivity, traceability, controlled quality, low costs and zero chemical contaminants: Mecasonic ultrasonic welding offers unbeatable advantages for the medical field.

Laser-welded micro-fluid cartridge

Laser welding technology was used to avoid the process of adding materials like adhesive. These cartridges are used for things like DNA analyses.

A number of advantages: a short cycle time, a monitoring system process optionally available, flexibility, quality welding seams and no added material.

Different components with ultrasonic welding

All welding in the medical field must meet the highest quality standards. We can achieve this with our expertise in ultrasonic welding in this field and our part development consulting work with our customers. All approvals go through our testing laboratory in order to validate the ultrasonic weld performance in the medical field.

Our OMEGA 4 X machines can ensure production monitoring to guarantee traceability for all your welds. Possibility to record all the settings for each weld.

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