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Laser plastics welding is a new assembly process for nearly all thermoplastics (PVC, PA, PP, PS, PE, PC, PET, PMMA, rubber, etc.).

Multiple benefits:

- Good-quality welds, very high precision
- Protected weld seam (enclosed)
- Clean surface (no product particles)
- Good optical quality
- Reduced heat loads and stresses on parts
- Contactless
- Flexible process
- Easy to implement

PowerWeld 2000

PowerWeld 2000 is the perfect machine for all your applications. Thanks to its optimum configuration for each application, it fully satisfies your needs. PowerWeld 2000 is designed to meet our customers' specifications.

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SmartWeld 6600

SmartWeld 6600 offers controlled processes with the highest efficiency levels during laser plastics welding.

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The laser welder that provides designers and engineers with a new level of freedom.

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