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From the front bumper to the rear bumper, and numerous components in between including engine components, rear lights, dashboard, door trim and more…
... your car is welded by Mecasonic.

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Vibration welding of parcel shelves and spoilers

This technology is particularly suitable for large parts requiring high mechanical strength and watertightness.

The technology is often used for parts such as parcel shelves, instruments, front lights, and so on.

Hot air welding of miscellaneous parts

This technology is used for various vibration-sensitive applications. Parts made from incompatible materials can be assembled by staking of pins, including fragile components such as airbag parts.

Our range of standard and custom machines offer solutions for all your needs. A combination of hot air staking and cold stamping is ideal for high quality assembly work.

Hot plate welding of automotive parts

We use this technology for large polypropylene and polyethylene parts where watertightness and high mechanical strength are required (expansion tanks, windscreen washer fluid tanks, ducts, light units, door pockets, sun shields, etc.).

We provide solutions for all your assembly needs. Thanks to our experience with this technology, we can offer low to very high temperature and infra-red welding.

Ultrasonic welding of vehicle light units

Ultrasonic welding technology is widely used in the automotive sector for assembling vehicle light units for external (brake repeater lights, reflectors, number plate lights, indicator repeaters, etc.) and internal (dome lights, door lights) applications. This assembly method is also widely used for bicycle front and rear lights. (photo 3)

Ultrasonic welding technology achieves high-quality watertight welds on large parts, without added material.
These parts are welded using our Omega 3 range of machines, or by special machines with 2, 3 or even 4 heads depending on the length of the light unit.

Laser welding

Laser welding is used primarily for plastic parts which must withstand high mechanical loads. The process ensures watertight welds.

Laser technology offers flexible working methods, including contactless welding to limit mechanical and thermal stresses.

Laser welding does not induce any vibration or particulate waste.

The laser beam accurately concentrates energy on a small surface area, without affecting any sensitive components nearby.

Staking by ultrasonic welding

Staking by ultrasonic welding is primarily used to assemble metal parts such as electrical contacts onto plastic parts. Two incompatible plastics can also be assembled.

Depending on requirements, staking operations either vary the amplitude or the pressure. The shape of the staking die is selected based on the results of tests and the required aesthetic criteria.

Ultrasonic welding of dashboard instruments

Our solution for dashboard instruments includes a welded polycarbonate or polymethacrylate window as well as metal-plated or plastic trim rings.

We offer standard or custom machines to suit your specific needs.
Our quick-change tooling systems enable you to optimise production changes, quickly going from glass assembly to trim welding.

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