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High-precision welds on components from smartphone screens to toner cartridges… Mecasonic.

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Ultrasonic welding of consoles

Ultrasonic welding technology is perfectly suited for assembling PMMA or PC windows on parts such as payment card readers. It can also be used for staking of printed circuit boards without damaging them.
For some applications, hot air can also be used for staking on parts that are sensitive to vibrations.

The welders are compact and easy to integrate. The quality of our ultrasonic tooling enables you to respond to all your customers’ requirements. We can also offer quick tool change solutions for switching easily from one application to another.

Impulse welded ceiling console

The objective was to assemble a number of circuits by staking, without damaging them. Given the different heights of the parts to be staked and the tolerances, impulse welding was chosen for this assembly.

Integratable impulse heads were installed by a special machinery manufacturer.

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