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These ubiquitous appliances are sturdy, attractive, produced on a large scale…
...and welded by Mecasonic machines.

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Laser welding of electric epilator

Laser technology was used to weld a window onto a polycarbonate body. A watertight weld was required, with an excellent aesthetic appearance at the weld line.

An LQ Integration welding head was used.

Ultrasonic welding of washing machine facades

For this project, we used ultrasonic welding to assemble the windows, and ultrasonic staking to attach components to the button panels.

The versatility of our standard range enabled identical welders to be used at different frequencies.

Steam iron water tank, produced by hot plate welding

The tank must be welded so as to be totally watertight. Hot plate welding technology met this criterion.

Type 58/35 hot-plate welders feature dual mould tooling, enabling them to produce two parts every 23 seconds.

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