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Sterile assemblies, no chemical contaminants, high productivity, traceability, controlled quality and low cost. All these criteria lead to…
...Mecasonic welding.

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Laser-welded microfluid cartridge

Instead of an added material such as a glue, laser welding technology was used for this application. These cartridges are used for applications such as DNA testing.

The advantages include short cycle times, optional process monitoring system, flexibility, top quality welding seams and no added material.

Ultrasonic welding of medical devices

In this field, all welds must meet the most stringent quality requirements. We achieve these objectives through our expertise in medical welding and by advising customers during part development. All validation is conducted in our testing laboratory.

Our OMEGA 3 MCX machines include production tracking facilities to ensure traceability of all welds. Our MECAWIN software enables you to record all parameters for every weld.

Hot-plate welding of filter cartridges

Welding of a polyolefin part housing filter elements. Hot plate technology was necessary owing to the material used.

When two welds are required, dual-mould hot plate tools can produce one finished part for each cycle.

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