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We use our unique know-how and our years of experience in our core business -- ultrasound -- to design our welders.

The Omega III range

These welders combine technical sophistication with ease of use. They can be easily integrated in your production facilities.

They are available in three versions: MCA, MCS and MCX.
Power ratings of 500 to 4000 Watts.
Frequencies of 20, 30 or 40 kHz.

Mecasonic will find the best solution for your thermoplastic welding needs.

Product line ultrasonic welding

Applications ultrasonic welding

Secteur: Food processing Secteur: Medical device industry Secteur: Automotive industry Secteur: Cosmetics Secteur: Home Appliance Secteur: Electrical engineering Secteur: Leisure Secteur: Metals Secteur: Packaging technology Secteur: Textiles

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