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Designed for specialist machine manufacturers and OEMs, Mecasonic's ultrasonic probes are compact and integrate easily into production lines.

Mecasonic has packaged its expertise into its 'ready to weld' modular system to help you to weld better.
The system places the sonotrode in contact with the part to be welded. Our range uses guides and servo systems that have been designed with the utmost care to allow high-throughput welding.

Each modular system consists of four main components:
A generator, an acoustic stack, a servo unit and a controller.
An optical encoder (available on certain probes) allows travel control for quality welds.

These high-performance tools have been designed by our technicians to help you to produce better and better welds.

Available modules:
- Omega III
- MLG 63100
- ML 40100
- ML 32
- UDC 2525

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