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The new generation of Mecasonic Ultrasonic Generators has been optimised for the needs of systems integrators.
With optimum integration, these PULSE range generators have been designed to manage the most demanding applications, in the most difficult of environments.
The role of a generator is to analyse the need for power of an acoustic assembly to ensure optimum welding. Mecasonic generators adapt perfectly to production lines or special machines

Mecasonic's generators boost the efficiency of your tooling and thus of your production.

Thanks to this tool, you can optimise the return on your production by the return on your tooling.

The Mecasonic ultrasound generators of the Pulse range are offered in the frequencies of 20, 30 or 40 kHz, at power ratings from 400 to 3000 watts.
Mecasonic provides two kinds of generator, the Pulse One and the Pulse Touch, better to meet your needs. Flexible, compact, robust, innovative, high-performance, intelligent, etc.


The Pulse One generator is easy to control, programmable due to its communication by RS 485 interface. Due to its carefully worked-out design, it has a reduced footprint and can be incorporated easily.

A few key characteristics of our Pulse One generator:

• Generator in an automatically programmable controllable kit
• 7 Inputs / Outputs
• Switching possible by RS485 interface
• Ease of integration
• Reduced footprint
• LED indicator confirming |Mains On|-|Ready|-|OVL|-|Active US|


A Pulse Touch generator provides intuitive, simple and rapid programming of various parameters using its high resolution touchscreen. It also has a direct connection to an automated system by digital & analogue inputs and outputs, and an optional RS485 bus.
This Pulse Touch ultrasound generator as a kit has a variety of welding settings such as saving programs, welding methods, management of amplitude, for a repeatable, quality result. It also provides the possibility of connecting to manual welding machines.
To ensure the easiest integration, the Pulse Touch generator is provided in a vertical or horizontal position.

A few key characteristics of our Pulse Touch generator:

• Equipped with touchscreen
• Intuitive programming
• 13 Inputs / Outputs
• Indication of no-load power and frequency
• Monitoring results with warning message
• Multi-programs
• Starting ramp and programmable US stop

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