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MCX: excellence

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Our team created this version to combine precision, reliability and robustness with analysis, control and management.

When you place your trust in us, you can be sure of producing just the right welds for your products.
The MCX model includes the "amplitude profile" function to ensure perfect welding results.
This welder is designed for easy integration in an automated manufacturing facility and offers a full PLC communication system for optimal control.

Full interfacing with devices such as as sound enclosure, rotary table, transfer system, automatic production line handler, etc.

  • Multi-menu system for straightforward and intuitive programming.
  • Display of welding cycle penetration and power curves.
  • Locked part sonotrode coupling pressure control for each proportional valve-controlled program.
  • Storage of 20 welding programs (unlimited via PC connection) with instant recall of all parameters.
  • Four conventional welding modes to handle all your applications.
  • RWS mode: this system, exclusive to Mecasonic, gives the machine a smart feature enabling it to adapt to the part to be welded.
  • A number of amplitude profiles to adapt to your applications and the type of thermoplastic.
  • Five measurements for strict production control: time, power, energy, elevation, penetration.
  • Full production traceability: results can be downloaded to a printer or saved on a PC running Windows (Mecawin).

  • Automotive components, packaging
  • Household appliances, electronics
  • Ultrasonic slicing
  • Medical devices
  • Sonochemistry, cable manufacture


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