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The MCA model

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The MCA model is the first member of our Omega III family. It will easily meet all your needs integrate smoothly into your production line.

Its simple operation, intuitive interface and modularity add to the advantages already offered by the Omega III range.
Welding your plastics is our business and we put all our expertise at your service.
The welder can be controlled by an external PLC for successful integration in your production lines.

Full interfacing with devices such as a sound enclosure, rotary table, transfer system, automatic production line handler, etc.

  • Rigid prismatic column for excellent guidance accuracy of the welding head.
  • Easy sonotrode-part alignment adjustment.
  • Quick disassembly of the entire acoustic assembly with guaranteed accurate repositioning.
  • Welding head downstroke control.
  • Easy, intuitive set-up; self-tuning program for easy adjustment.
  • Self-adjustable ultrasound wave generator with bargraph display of power and frequency bargraphs.
  • Modular design allows for custom configurations.


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