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These simple-to-use machines are built with the essential components to allow you to ensure quality production results: stroke controlled by a displacement encoder, pressure controlled by a proportional valve, displayable control menus and curves, and automatic searching for the right vibration frequency for each application.

Our vibration welders are equipped with a new system that controls the welding process from start to finish at a speed of 60 ms and ensures ideal vibration performance during the welding process.

With efficient control you can set an amplitude profile that is adapted to the various welding stages and that allows faster melting, more reliable welding and more regular flash.

When used in combination with the dual winding technique, our vibration welders are 50% more efficient than conventional vibration techniques. Handling times are 30 to 40% shorter and, at the same time, welding residue is decreased.

  • Adjustment of the frequency to the weight of the tooling.
  • Three welding techniques: constant penetration during welding, constant part height after welding and constant welding time.
  • Tooling option: quick changeover system and encoder.
  • Programmable amplitude profile.
  • Vibration frequency: 260 Hz.
  • Maximum amplitude at 260 Hz: 0.9 mm.

  • Automotive components
  • Household appliances
  • Packaging


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