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Operating system
The parameters, cycle counters and welding results are displayed in plain text on the same screen.
The manual functions are selected via the operating system. The parameters are protected by a code and can be modified using the on-screen number and function keys.

Enclosure soundproofing
The soundproof enclosure is lined with approx. 100 mm thick mineral wool to ensure complete protection.
To facilitate the assembly processes, the soundproof enclosure is divided and equipped with a fast-locking mechanism. For maintenance purposes, the rear is fitted with a lockable door with safety switches. The operator side is fitted with a pneumatically operated protective door that opens vertically. The door features a built-in safety bar that stops the door from closing if anything comes into contact with the bar.

Electrical control
A Siemens S7 PLC is installed in every standard electrical cabinet. The PLC may be connected to the machine or installed in a separate location. In the case of automated production lines, it is recommended to install the PLC in a separate location.

Integrated Infrared preheating
Infrared technology, which reduces abrasion during friction with solid materials, is possible on all our machines and tooling.

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