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SAV LAB R&D Training

Mecasonic has always had a reputation for its after-sales service

Our fast and efficient team provides timely replies to your inquiries.

International network of skilled technicians:

Wherever you are in the world, our after-sales service Annemasse will provide you with the best technicians backed by local Mecasonic offices in countries where Mecasonic is present.

Expanded network of technicians:

True welding experts, our technicians can help you with mechanical, electrical, electronic and programming aspects. They can also provide you with assistance for your tooling, whatever the welding technology (ultrasound, hot plate, vibration, laser, hot air, impulse and spin).
The services they provide range from minor servicing to retrofitting of your machines.

In France, our after-sales service is located at two sites (in Annemasse and the Paris area) for greater efficiency. For minor servicing, please call
+33 4 50 87 73 00.

For maximum efficiency, our after-sales service has its own stock of safety parts. We also guarantee same-day replies to your inquiries.

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