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SAV LAB R&D Training

Because our strategy is based on technological progress, seeking innovative solutions is one of our priorities.

Mecasonic also holds patents...

For example, when creating new ultrasonic sonotrodes, we must make use of the laws that govern the transmission of waves through solid materials applied to intricately shaped objects. In order to make this tooling, we have developed our own computational tools and protected them with international patents.

Our Research and Development department is organised to be our company's inexhaustible source of new assembly concepts. Since it reports to general management, it has a great deal of control in order to accomplish its missions of innovation, creation and .

Our extensive CAD/CAM capabilities are amongst the most modern in the field (CATIA V5, SolidWorks, WorkNC, Nastran-Patran) and allow interactive design with our customers' data.

  • It creates solutions, invents, develops and validates all our new welding techniques.
  • Staffed by multi-skilled engineers, it creates the equipment needed to implement new solutions through to the the prototyping stage (electronic aspects, mechanical aspects, tooling, etc.).
  • It also develops the special computational tools we need.
  • An internal source of expertise in welding and technologies, it provides daily assists the other departments in finding solutions to the most delicate applications that have made Mecasonic's reputation what it is.
  • Equipped with modern measurement, calibration and electronic and mechanical design equipment, our R&D department has acquired recognised expertise in vibration and thermal analysis as well as structural design.
  • Our R&D works with the R&D departments at a number of major material manufacturers to determine the weldability of new materials.

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