Ultrasonic welding

Blistersonic Ultrasonic welding​


The Blistersonic was devised to meet the growing market needs for tamper-proof packaging.


The compactness of the Blistersonic means it can be easily moved. Completely safe, it’s ready for immediate use. It can process blisters of various sizes. A real mini-welding device, it adapts to all types of thermoplastic materials.

The Blistersonic is meant for small and medium series, ensuring perfect weld reproducibility.


  • Sealing time: around 1 second (depending on the Blister).
  • Press controlled by a pneumatic cylinder for zero manual effort.
  • Meets the safety and recycling standards: no staples or any other means of closure.
  • Light and compact.
  • Can work with most thermoplastics (PVC, PET, PLA, …).
  • Adapts to most blister sizes.
  • Can also be used to weld small-sized thermoplastic parts.
  • Titanium sonotrode.


  • Packing
  • Medical
  • Textiles
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