Laser welding

QSW 400 L


The QSW 400 L laser welding device is a near-simultaneous laser welding machine that uses the principle of cross-sectional laser welding. It offers very high welding quality and high precision.


Features: a protected welding joint (enclosure), a clean surface (no particles produced), good optical quality, lower thermal load and part restrictions, zero contact. All of this through a flexible and easy-to-implement process.


  • Data software included (ProSeT, ProCaT…).
  • The system and processes are compatible with clean rooms.
  • Production tracking.
  • Water cooling unit integrated.
  • Best for ultra-fine welding (micron).
  • Welding that doesn’t damage the look of your part.


  • Cosmetics
  • Household appliances
  • Automotive sector
  • Medical
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