Spin welding

MCRI 115


The MCRI 115 welding device ensures precision, tight sealing and high mechanical resistance in thermoplastic and technopolymer assembly.


It can weld diameters of 30 to 170 mm.

This welding device has the most complete control, analysis and management features on the market and offers various production line integration possibilities.


  • Precise indexing with programming or self-learning.
  • Simple and intuitive programming.
  • Droop curve displayed on a backlit LCD screen.
  • Pressure profile control for each program with a proportional valve.
  • Up to 20 welding programs can be saved with instant recall of all parameters (infinite storage with a PC connection).
  • Three conventional welding modes to meet the needs of all applications.
  • Rigorous production control displaying 5 parameter levels after each welding cycle (approach speed, time, elevation, droop, power).
  • Complete production traceability by printing or saving all results on a PC in a Windows environment (MECAWIN-R).


  • Automotive sector
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical
  • Leisure
  • Packaging
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