Spin welding

OMEGA 4 RI 115


The OMEGA 4 RI 115 welding device ensures precision, tight sealing and high mechanical resistance in thermoplastic and technopolymer assembly.

It complies with Industry 4.0 criteria.

Soudeuse rotation Omega 4 RI 115 Industrie 4.0


This welding device has the most complete control, analysis and management features on the market and offers various production line integration possibilities.

The Omega 4 RI 115 spin welder can easily assemble plastic parts thanks to its 6 welding modes and 12 programmable welding steps.

The spin welding process is recommended for parts having circular parting lines. The friction generated allows a good quality weld, a good seal and a clear reduction of the scrape rate.

The Omega 4 RI 115 meets Industry 4.0 criteria. Highly communicative, with its 2 USB ports and its Ethernet connectivity, the device contributes to the lean manufacturing and data management.


  • Stroke: 200 mm
  • Adjustable module height on 250 mm
  • Diameter of air cylinder: 63 mm
  • Intuitive interface with colour touch screen 10’’
  • Safety by integrated PLC
  • Weight: 130 kg
  • Maximum size: 1 234 x 672 x 560 mm


  • Automotive sector
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical
  • Leisure
  • Packaging
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