Vibration welding

Our vibration welding devices


MECASONIC offers a line of vibration welding devices which are perfectly adapted to the size and specifications of your applications.

Our easy-to-use vibration welding devices feature the essentials for guaranteeing quality production: displacement coder-controlled stroke, proportional valve-controlled pressure, menus and control curves on a graphic screen and automatic frequency searches for the appropriate vibration for the application involved.

Our vibration welding machines are equipped with an all-new and complete welding process control system with a speed of 60 ms as well as the ideal vibration throughout the welding process.

With high-performance control, you can program an amplitude profile that adapts to the different welding phases by authorizing: faster melting, more reliable welding and more regular flash. In combination with the double winding technique, the effectiveness is higher than 50% in comparison with traditional vibration techniques. The processing time is 30-40% shorter with a simultaneous reduction of welding residue.

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