Ultrasonic cutting​

Cutting + generator assembly


Mecasonic makes effective cutting tools available to the food, textile and pneumatics industries which will extend your performance and the quality of your cutting operations.


One simple principle: the vibrating cutting edge (sonotrode) is programmed at a defined amplitude (30 to 100 µ) and frequency (20 or 30 MHz), depending on the needs. It creates acceleration of more than 105 g to cut different products with an up/down movement.

Slicing is done quickly, cleanly and precisely in the agrifood industry even with products with bits (nuts, pistachios, olives, raisins, etc.) which remain in place in the overall texture in addition to cheeses, quiches, pastries, nougats, pâté, pizzas, sandwiches, cold cuts and sausages, foie gras, fresh or frozen products and much more…

You can get extremely fine and well-calibrated slices with a tolerance that has never been seen before in any other process!
No disintegration and very low product losses with high productivity.

It’s the ideal equipment for your slicers.

The ultrasonic material meets foodstuff, textile and pneumatic requirements and can be perfectly integrated into production lines and special machines so you can cut your products with parts of equal weight.
You may also add an ultrasonic cutting head at the end of a multi-axis robot.


  • Slice thickness can be adjusted up to 0.1 mm and the speed up to 120 cycles per minute.
  • Enhanced tuning with amplitude variation settings.
  • Self-cleaning blade.
  • Continuous cutting possible.


  • Cheese
  • Pastries, Nougat,
  • Pizza, Sandwiches,
  • Cold cuts, foie gras,
  • Fresh and frozen products and even
  • Textiles
  • Pneumatics
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